15 Must-Read Space Economy Newsletters!

Precious Payload Weekly Smallsat News provides comprehensive coverage of smallsat happenings during the week including: launches, funding, and headlines. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

European Spaceflight Update provides up-to-date insights on European spaceflight related activities using primary sources. The publisher also produces outstanding infographics. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

The Space Scoop provides earnings, news, and opinion, on space stocks. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Rocket Report (Eric Berger) provides updates and insight on what’s happening in the launch world. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Payload covers the business and policy of the space economy. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Space Policy Online provides news, information and analysis covering civil, military, and commercial space programs. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

The Orbital Index provides curated news covering space and the space industry. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

TerraWatch Space provides expert analysis and insights into the earth observation sector of the space economy. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Quartz Space Business provides curated news and commentary on companies and investors focused on doing business in the space economy. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES]

A Closer Look provides insights into the business and technology of satellite imagery and maps. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Investing in Space provides a view into the business of space exploration and privatization. The author is Michael Sheetz, CNBC space reporter. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

SpaceDotBiz provides insightful deep dives on space economy related technology and business. The newsletter also offers unique interviews with leaders in the industry. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Case Closed provides insightful, and objective, analysis on space economy related stocks and startups. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Space Ambition provides insights into space technology trends and developments, with a focus on long-term. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Ill-Defined Space provides analysis of activities, policies, and businesses in the space sector. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

If have recommendations for additional newsletters that deserve to be on this list, please let me know – editor at newspaceeconomy.ca.