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Must-Read Space Economy Newsletters!

Precious Payload Weekly Smallsat News provides comprehensive coverage of smallsat happenings during the week including: launches, funding, and headlines. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

European Update provides up-to-date insights on European spaceflight related activities using primary sources. The publisher also produces outstanding . [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

The Space Scoop provides earnings, news, and opinion, on space stocks. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Rocket Report (Eric Berger) provides updates and insight on what's happening in the world. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Payload covers the business and of the . [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Space Policy Online provides news, information and analysis covering civil, , and programs. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

The Orbital Index provides curated news covering space and the . [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

TerraWatch Space provides expert analysis and insights into the sector of the space economy. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Quartz Space Business provides curated news and commentary on companies and investors focused on doing business in the space economy. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES]

A Closer Look provides insights into the business and of satellite imagery and maps. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Investing in Space provides a view into the business of and privatization. The author is Michael Sheetz, CNBC space reporter. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

SpaceDotBiz provides insightful deep dives on space economy related technology and business. The newsletter also offers unique interviews with leaders in the industry. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Case Closed provides insightful, and objective, analysis on space economy related stocks and . [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Space Ambition provides insights into space technology trends and developments, with a focus on long-term. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Ill-Defined Space provides analysis of activities, policies, and businesses in the . [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

ESPI Insights is a monthly report of the major developments in the global space sector and provides useful links to official documents, public reports, web articles or conference websites for further details on the issue. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES] [TWITTER]

Space Monitor is a monthly newsletter that provides insights into the fast moving Chinese space industry. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES]

Florida Space rePort is a weekly newsletter that provides a comprehensive summary of all significant space news on the Internet. [SUBSCRIBE] [ARCHIVES]

New Space Economy is a weekly newsletter that provides a summary of articles published on from the previous week. [SUBSCRIBE] [TWITTER] [LINKEDIN] [FACEBOOK]

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