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SpaceX Dragon Arrives at ISS With Pioneering Science Experiments and Solar Arrays

The SpaceX Dragon has docked with the International Space Station, beginning the 28th resupply mission for NASA. It carries an array of experiments, including IROSAs... [...]

ST Engineering iDirect announces collaboration agreement with Airbus Defence and Space

ST Engineering iDirect and Airbus Defence and Space have entered into a strategic partnership to enable tighter, space to ground integration, and promote technology and vision for the future. The… [...]

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BlackSky receives multimillion$$$ contract for advanced tactical imagery services + ground station infrastructure

BlackSky Technology Inc. (NYSE: BKSY) has been awarded a multimillion dollar renewal contract to provide advanced subscription-based tactical imagery and analytics services to an international Ministry of Defense (MoD) customer.… [...]

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INTEGRASYS develops MOBISAT + completes ESA’s ARTES program project

INTEGRASYS has successfully completed the MOBISAT project, carried out under the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) Core Competitiveness program with the support of the Centre… [...]

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The Role of Astronauts in a National Context: Exploration, Inspiration, and Innovation

Astronauts, often considered heroes of modern exploration, have played crucial roles in symbolizing and advancing the goals of their respective nations. These roles can be divided into several key areas:… [...]

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Teledyne Paradise’s AXIOM-X SCPC is integrated into the Satcube KU Portable satellite terminal

Teledyne Paradise Datacom has successfully integrated the AXIOM-X SCPC modem card into the Satcube KU portable satellite terminal. Satcube provides seamless broadband connectivity over satellite through easy to use, lightweight… [...]

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NASA names the winners of the 2023 Student Rocket Launch Competition

NASA has announced that the University of Alabama in Huntsville is the overall winner of the agency’s 2023 Student Launch challenge. More than 800 students from across the U.S. and… [...]

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INTEGRASYS develops MOBISAT successfully completing ESA’s ARTES program project

INTEGRASYS has successfully completed the MOBISAT project, carried out under the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) Core Competitiveness program with the support of the Center… [...]

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EGNOS latest payload becomes operational ahead of V3 Service

Launched onboard EUTELSAT’s Hotbird 13G satellite in November of 2022 from Cape Canaveral, the EGNOS payload transmitted the first EGNOS V3 test signals on June 1, 2023 according to the… [...]

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The Communications Module of the SpainSat NG-I satellite is safely shipped

The Communications Module of the SpainSat NG-I telecommunications satellite has left the plant of Thales Alenia Space (joint venture between Thales, 67%, and Leonardo, 33%) in Tres Cantos (Spain) inside… [...]

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Apogeo Space orders second space tug for connectivity constellation

Apogeo Space, an Italian venture with plans for nearly 100 tiny satellites for connecting remote monitoring devices, said June 5 it had signed a deal to deploy nine picosatellites next… [...]

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NASA's new detectors could improve views of gamma-ray events

Using technology similar to that found in smartphone cameras, NASA scientists are developing upgraded sensors to reveal more details about black hole outbursts and exploding stars—all while being less power… [...]

Melissa Quinn Appointed GM Of Seradata

Melissa Quinn, former head of Spaceport Cornwall, has been announced as the new general manager of UK-based Seradata. The appointment came after her departure from Spaceport Cornwall, where she will… [...]

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Not your average space explosion: Very long baseline array finds classical novae are anything but simple

While studying classical novae using the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), a graduate researcher uncovered evidence showing that the objects may have been erroneously typecast as… [...]

Intelsat to Upgrade Japan Airlines Fleet with 2Ku In-Flight Connectivity Service

Satellite operator Intelsat reached an agreement with Japan Airlines (JAL) to upgrade about 50 Boeing 737s and 767s to the company’s 2Ku inflight connectivity solution. Intelsat’s 2Ku service includes a… [...]

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Kymeta Releases Peregrine u8 LEO Terminal for OneWeb Maritime Customers

Kymeta’s new electronically steered Peregrine u8 LEO terminal is now commercially available to maritime market customers on OneWeb’s LEO network. The Peregrine u8 LEO terminal is designed for all large… [...]

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Space Force opens new office to foster ties with private sector

The Space Systems Command on June 6 opened a new office and conference center dedicated for doing business with the commercial space industry. The post Space Force opens new office… [...]

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Webb Space Telescope Shows Early Universe Crackled With Bursts of Star Formation

Webb Also Continues To Uncover a Bounty of Distant, Young Galaxies With its large, light-gathering mirror and infrared sensitivity, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)... [...]

United Airlines Signs with Panasonic Avionics for Astrova In-Flight Service in the Americas

Panasonic Avionics secured its first customer in the Americas for its new Astrova in-flight engagement (IFE) solution. The company announced Tuesday that it signed an agreement with United Airlines (United)… [...]

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Study models geomagnetic field shielding over the last 100,000 years

New models of how the geomagnetic field that shields the Earth's atmosphere from cosmic rays has changed over tens of thousands of years can help us understand how the climate… [...]

OneWeb targets maritime market with expanded satellite coverage

TAMPA, Fla. — OneWeb launched a free trial offer for maritime customers June 6 after bringing its low Earth orbit broadband network online over a larger swathe of the northern… [...]

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Webb unveils the secrets of the early universe via deep field, peers into stellar nurseries

With help from the joint NASA/European Space Agency/Canadian Space Agency James Webb Space Telescope (JWST),… The post Webb unveils the secrets of the early universe via deep field, peers into… [...]


Cooperation Agreement Between MDA and Thoth to Enable Deep Space Radar Surveillance and Space Domain Awareness

MDA and Thoth Technology have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement that would enable deep space radar surveillance and space domain awareness from what they state would be “Canada’s first… [...]

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Cargo Dragon docks at space station

Closing out an automated 18-hour rendezvous, a SpaceX Dragon cargo ship loaded with 7,000 pounds of supplies and equipment, including two add-on roll-out solar blankets, caught up with the International… [...]

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India’s ABA Eyes International Satellite Market as First Launch Looms

Western manufacturers used to rolling satellites off assembly lines in large numbers could soon be facing some low-cost competition from India’s Azista BST Aerospace (ABA). A SpaceX Falcon 9 will… [...]

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With 7,000+ satellites and growing, is space sustainable? An Ars Frontiers recap

"We've been using space as our own personal operating dumping ground." [...]

Rivada seeks Ex-Im financing for satellite constellation

Rivada Space Networks is hoping to secure support from the U.S. Ex-Im Bank to finance a multibillion-dollar satellite constellation whose future also depends on an impending decision by international regulators.… [...]

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What's the (dark) matter with Euclid?

Currently about halfway through the Euclid simulations campaign, the key focus in the Main Control Room is the Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) and spacecraft commissioning. [...]

NASA-JPL Psyche launch on track with 'outstanding' progress, review board confirms

Steps taken by NASA, the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern California, and Caltech, to put the Psyche mission on track for an October 2023 launch have been outstanding,… [...]

Waste in Space

Originally posted on March 2, 2022 @ 8:22 pm The post Waste in Space appeared first on New Space Economy. [...]

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Betelgeuse is almost 50% brighter than normal. What's going on?

Whenever something happens with Betelgeuse, speculations about it exploding as a supernova proliferate. It would be cool if it did. We're far enough away to suffer no consequences, so it's… [...]

Copernicus: 25 Years of Environmental Insights

From unveiling mind-blowing environmental insights to revolutionising our understanding of climate change, disaster response, and sustainable development, Copernicus has become the ultimate cosmic companion in our quest to protect and… [...]

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Paper: From Apollo to the ISS: the Televisual Image in Human Spaceflight (Holland 2023)

This paper presents a history of the televisual image in human spaceflight through analysis of contemporaneous documentary evidence such as spaceflight transcripts and space agency press kits, with a focus… [...]

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Launch Roundup – SpaceX Launches Resupply Mission to ISS

In this week’s Launch Roundup, SpaceX launched its 28th resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday morning. In addition to supplies and experiments, the Cargo Dragon spacecraft will… [...]

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First detection of secondary supermassive black hole in a well-known binary system

Supermassive black holes that weigh several billion times the mass of our sun are present at the centers of active galaxies. Astronomers observe them as bright galactic cores where the… [...]

Disks, spikes and clouds: A peek into a black hole's back yard

The first direct detection of gravitational waves in 2015 has opened a new window on the universe, enabling in particular the observation of the merger of pairs of massive black… [...]

FT Live Investing in Space – Day 2- Interview with Sebastian Stroehl

On the day 2 of FT Live Investing in Space Event in London, SpaceWatch.Global Editor in Chief Dr Emma Gatti spoke with Sebastian Stroehl of UNIO Enterprise about their coming… [...]

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Looking Toward ISSRDC: Promising Progress Amid Economic Volatility

While the economic backdrop remains a source of uncertainty, there are many developments in the space economy to be excited about. Let’s start with the economic and financial market context.… [...]

Astronomers discover a new 'warm Jupiter' on an eccentric and misaligned orbit

Using NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), astronomers have discovered a new "warm Jupiter" exoplanet. The newfound alien world, designated TOI-1859 b, orbits its parent star on an eccentric and… [...]

Evidence Mounting That Avio Intends to Split from Arianespace

Avio CEO Giulio Ranzo told Wired that work being done on a reusable demonstrator may be a prelude to an entirely new product line for the company. Ranzo’s made the… [...]

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Sky Perfect JSat: $1.1 billion in space spending to 2030 on multiple fronts: laser data relay, HAPS, Earth observation

SINGAPORE — Satellite fleet operator Sky Perfect JSat of Japan is making good on its promise… The post Sky Perfect JSat: $1.1 billion in space spending to 2030 on multiple… [...]

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JPL Wins Kudos for Response to Psyche IRB Recommendations

The Independent Review Board established by NASA to look into what happened with the Psyche asteroid mission last year is giving JPL high marks for how it is responding to… [...]


Blue Origin Wins Artemis Lander Contract

US aerospace company, Blue Origin, has been awarded a $3.4 billion contract to develop and test their flagship Artemis lander, Blue Moon Human Landing System, that will take Artemis V… [...]

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OneWeb and Hughes Partner on In-Flight Connectivity

OneWeb is looking to cement its place in the IFC (in-flight connectivity) market through a new distribution partnership with Hughes that will add LEO broadband connectivity to its in-flight WiFi… [...]

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FT Live Investing in Space – Day 2 – Gatti/Kriening morning briefing

Welcome from day 2 of the FT Live Investing in Space event in London, our Dr. Emma Gatti and Torsten Kriening offer an outlook of the in-person day. Read more… [...]

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Piercing Solar Physics Mysteries: Supercomputer Simulations Illuminate the Sun’s Magnetic Dynamo

Scientists have used advanced supercomputer simulations to demonstrate the existence and significance of a small-scale dynamo in the Sun’s magnetic field. This discovery refutes previous... [...]

Blue Origin within a “few weeks” of resuming New Shepard flights

Blue Origin expects to be ready to resume launches of its New Shepard suborbital vehicle in the next few weeks as it completes its recovery from an in-flight anomaly nine… [...]

- SpaceNews set to scrap all Network Advertising

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Jun 06, 2023 Digital advertising is changing course and, with its 25 high-tech websites including,,, and, is onboard with this change.… [...]

Scrubbing Hubble images of satellite light tracks

Baltimore MD (SPX) Jun 06, 2023 When the Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990, there were about 470 artificial satellites orbiting Earth. By 2000, that number doubled. But by… [...]

GomSpace and ESA cancel next phase of climate observation mission

Aalborg, Denmark (SPX) Jun 06, 2023 In European space news, GomSpace and ESA have decided not to proceed to the next phase of the CubeMap mission, a climate observation initiative.… [...]

Webb Telescope detects universe's most distant complex organic molecules

Champaign IL (SPX) Jun 06, 2023 Researchers have detected complex organic molecules in a galaxy more than 12 billion light-years away from Earth - the most distant galaxy in which… [...]

Dying stars' cocoons could be new source of gravitational waves

Evanston IL (SPX) Jun 06, 2023 So far, astrophysicists have only detected gravitational waves from binary systems - the mergers of either two black holes, two neutron stars or one… [...]

China's main rocket engine for lunar crewed missions sets record

Beijing (XNA) Jun 06, 2023 In recent developments from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the primary rocket engine designed for future manned lunar missions has undergone its sixth… [...]

Astroscale working Share My Space to facilitate space risk identification

Paris, France (SPX) Jun 06, 2023 In an effort to bolster the surveillance of space objects and mitigate the risks associated with increasing satellite population, Japanese in-orbit servicing company Astroscale… [...]

Terran Orbital developed CAPSTONE lunar probe completes primary mission

Boca Raton FL (SPX) Jun 06, 2023 Terran Orbital Corporation, a premier player in the satellite-based solutions market, reported the successful accomplishment of the CAPSTONE's primary mission - navigating to… [...]

Successful Launch and Deployment of Dragon into Orbit by SpaceX

Kennedy Space Center FL (UPI) Jun 06, 2023 After some delays over the weekend, SpaceX has successfully launched its Crew Resupply Mission 28 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.… [...]

LeoStella builds and delivers its 20th satellite

Tukwila WA (SPX) Jun 06, 2023 LeoStella, the U.S.-based satellite manufacturer, has successfully delivered its twentieth satellite since its inception in 2019. This accomplishment signals a key milestone in the… [...]

Slippery Science: Sols 3851-3852

Pasadena CA (JPL) Jun 06, 2023 There's a special sort of hopeful-nervousness I feel on a weekend with a challenging drive. It's how I felt this last weekend, waiting for… [...]

Webb Telescope reveals early universe crackled with bursts of star formation

Baltimore MD (SPX) Jun 06, 2023 Among the most fundamental questions in astronomy is: How did the first stars and galaxies form? NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is already providing… [...]

RAND study calls for global space traffic management body

Seattle WA (SPX) Jun 06, 2023 New research from the RAND Corporation underscores the urgent necessity for the establishment of an International Space Traffic Management Organization (ISTMO). This conclusion comes… [...]

Apogeo Space contracts Momentus to orbit 9 satellites for IoT constellation

San Jose CA (SPX) Jun 06, 2023 Momentus Inc., a public company trading on the NASDAQ under the ticker MNTS, is set to deliver nine satellites into orbit for Apogeo… [...]

China questions whether there is a new moon race afoot

Beijing (XNA) Jun 06, 2023 The moon is the only natural satellite of Earth. It is also the nearest celestial body to our planet, and selenology, or the study of… [...]

Arcfield awarded million$$$ for classified systems engineering + integration work

Arcfield, a U.S. government services and mission support provider, has been awarded multiple classified systems engineering and integration contracts to support U.S. government customers. Award notifications were delivered during the… [...]

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Dragon Docks to Station, Delivers New Cargo and Solar Arrays

While the International Space Station was traveling approximately 270 miles over the coast of Brazil, a SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft autonomously docked to the station’s Harmony module at 5:54 a.m.… [...]

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Space-Based Edge Computing Markets, 2022-2033

The space-based edge computing market is estimated to reach $1.8 billion in 2033, up from $200.9 million in 2022. The market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 22.64%… [...]

Hyperspectral Satellite Constellation Advanced by Series B Funding

Earth-imaging technology company Pixxel has secured $36 million in a Series B funding round to advance its hyperspectral satellite constellation. The round included new investors such as Google, along with… [...]

Commercial Cargo Transportation Service Proposals Sought by ESA

European companies are invited to submit proposals to ESA for commercial cargo transportation services to and from the International Space Station and future commercial low Earth orbit outposts. “ESA is… [...]

Space Hardware Manufacturing Subcontract Awarded to Sidus Space

NASA has awarded a space hardware manufacturing subcontract to Sidus Space supporting the Artemis Program and Space Launch System (“SLS”) Manned Vehicle. “The award of this subcontract further validates Sidus’… [...]

Dragon Cargo Craft Approaches Station Live on NASA TV

A SpaceX Dragon is on track to arrive at the International Space Station, Tuesday, June 6, with an expected docking of the cargo spacecraft about 5:50 a.m. EDT. Live coverage is underway… [...]

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Cosmic Smoke Signals: James Webb Telescope Discovers Organic Molecules in Distant Galaxy

Astronomers have found complex organic molecules in a galaxy more than 12 billion light-years away from Earth. Using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, an international... [...]

NASA Psyche mission back on track for October launch

An independent review has concluded NASA’s Psyche asteroid mission is back on track for a launch this October after software problems, exacerbated by institutional issues at JPL, delayed its launch… [...]

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ESPI Insights for May 2023 is out!

The 38th issue of ESPI Insights is now available. ESPI Insights provides a quick, monthly update on major news in the space sector. This issue covers the top news of… [...]

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SpaceX’s Dragon: Launching Science, Power, and Fresh Food to ISS on 28th Resupply Mission

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft successfully launched to the International Space Station (ISS) with vital supplies and research materials. The cargo includes new solar arrays to boost... [...]

Arianespace to Launch Kompsat-6 Satellite for KARI

Arianespace has announced the signature of a launch contract for the Earth observation satellite Kompsat-6 (KOrean Multi-Purpose SATellite-6) for the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI). The launch company will subsequently… [...]

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Astroscale Contracts Share My Space for Space Risk Identification.

Share My Space has signed a new contract with Astroscale to optimally enable Astroscale to assess space objects’ attitude in LEO, a requirement for any on-orbit rendezvous. Attitude analysis of… [...]

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Saudi Arabia Introduces Earth and Space Science Studies

The Saudi Ministry of Education has approved the teaching of earth and space sciences as part of the curricula for the secondary school system, starting the academic year 1445, corresponding… [...]

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ST Engineering iDirect unveils MX-DMA waveform upgrade

ST Engineering iDirect has unveiled a significant upgrade to the company’s Mx-DMA® MRC return technology. This award-winning waveform can now support 300 Mbps on a single return channel, achieving more… [...]

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Past, Present, and Future Satellites Launched Visualized (infographic)

Originally posted on March 2, 2022 @ 8:58 am The post Past, Present, and Future Satellites Launched Visualized (infographic) appeared first on New Space Economy. [...]

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Satellites FAQ

This resource provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding satellites, their functionalities, and their significance across various industries. The post Satellites FAQ appeared first on New Space Economy. [...]

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All of Earth’s Satellites Visualized (Infographic)

Originally posted on March 2, 2022 @ 8:43 am The post All of Earth’s Satellites Visualized (Infographic) appeared first on New Space Economy. [...]

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Report: NASA Sounding Rockets User Handbook (NASA 2023)

This document provides deep insights into the applications, operations and capabilities of sounding rockets. The post Report: NASA Sounding Rockets User Handbook (NASA 2023) appeared first on New Space Economy. [...]

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321 Launch: Space news you may have missed over the past week (June 6)

321 Launch: Space news you may have missed over the past week        [...]

What is “Wholesale Trade,” and What is its Role in the Space Economy?

What is "Wholesale Trade," and What is its Role in the Space Economy? The post What is “Wholesale Trade,” and What is its Role in the Space Economy? appeared first… [...]

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Rocket launch schedule: Upcoming Florida launches and landings

The latest rocket launch schedule for Florida's Space Coast, which includes Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.        [...]

Game on—the most metal of asteroid missions is back on the menu

"We believe Psyche is on a positive course for an October 2023 launch." [...]

Big data astronomy: Using statistics in a new way to decipher the universe

The digital age has been a tremendous boon to the fields of both statistics and astronomy. However, according to Dr. Max Bonamente, a professor of physics and astronomy at The… [...]

China’s New Commercial Launch Site – Something Big is Brewing Down in Hainan

With all four of China’s launch sites all controlled by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and with very strict limits on access to foreigners or even Chinese civilians, it is… [...]

EOS Data Analytics and Space Electric Thruster Systems demonstrate technology in orbit

EOSDA, Dragonfly and Space Electric Thruster Systems (SETS) are part of the Noosphere Group, established in 2014 by international entrepreneur Max Polyakov to create an integrated space business. The post… [...]

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NASA's Women of Artemis

This video produced by NASA recognizes and celebrates the women that are part of the agency's Artemis program.        [...]

NASA Awards Technical Workforce Training Contract

NASA has selected Osi Vision, LLC of San Antonio, to provide program support and course development/delivery for NASA’s Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership Knowledge Services (APPEL KS) activities for… [...]

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in NUVIEW’s LiDAR Satellite Constellation

Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio joined a consortium of investors participating in Florida-based Earth observation company NUVIEW’s latest financing round, the company announced Monday. The consortium, which includes DiCaprio, MaC… [...]

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L3Harris to develop missile-warning sensor for medium orbit constellation

The U.S. Space Force awarded L3Harris technologies a $29 million contract to design a sensor payload that can track hypersonic missiles from medium Earth orbit. The post L3Harris to develop… [...]

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NASA celebrates women in space

This video produced by NASA demonstrates and celebrates contributions to the space program made by women.        [...]

Hughes Partners with OneWeb to Distribute Global In-Flight Connectivity Services

Hughes Network Systems announced Monday that it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with LEO satellite constellation operator OneWeb to serve as a OneWeb connectivity services distributor to the… [...]

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Early universe crackled with bursts of star formation, Webb Telescope shows

Among the most fundamental questions in astronomy is: How did the first stars and galaxies form? NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is already providing new insights into this question. One… [...]

Five incredible craters that will make you fall in love with the grandeur of our solar system

Impact cratering happens on every solid body in the solar system. In fact, it is the dominant process affecting the surfaces on most extraterrestrial bodies today. [...]

Momentus Secures Second Picosatellite Transportation Deal with Apogeo Space

Space infrastructure services company Momentus secured a contract with Italy’s Apogeo Space to provide orbital transportation services for nine of Apogeo’s IoT constellation picosatellites. The deal, announced Monday, represents the… [...]

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Internet of Tractors: Unlocking Agricultural Connectivity with John Deere Engineer Chung Hsieh

John Deere made headlines last year announcing a satellite project — looking for industry partners to connect thousands of agricultural machines beyond cellular networks — a major opportunity for the satellite industry. … [...]

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Digital twins gaining traction in military satellite programs

“We're finally at this transition point, from being a buzzword and experiencing a lot of cynicism, to something that people see a real need for,” said Robbie Robertson, co-founder and… [...]

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