Friday, December 8, 2023


SpaceX Facilities in Texas: A Quick Overview

This article provides a quick overview of SpaceX facilities in Texas.

What is Nuclear Electric Propulsion and Why is it Important?

Nuclear electric propulsion (NEP) refers to a class of spacecraft propulsion that uses a nuclear power source to generate electricity, which in turn powers an electric propulsion system. This technology stands out for its high specific impulse compared to chemical rockets, which allows spacecraft to reach higher speeds over long durations of space travel.

Aquarius Rocket: The Ultra-Low-Cost Space Launch That Never Was

Aquarius is a launch vehicle concept designed by Space Systems/Loral in the late 1990s to provide low-cost access to space for small payloads.

Dolphin Rocket: Pioneering Sea-based Launches and Hybrid Propulsion

The Dolphin rocket represented an ambitious attempt to lower launch costs using a compact hybrid engine and offshore mobile launch platform. Despite an early end after its debut test flight, it served as an influential demonstration program for the private space industry.


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