Space and National Security – A Quick Overview

The strategic importance of space for national security cannot be overstated. Once the frontier of scientific exploration and technological advancement, space has evolved to become an integral part of national security frameworks globally. From satellite-based navigation systems to intelligence gathering and military communications, the utilization of space has become deeply embedded in the functioning of modern defense systems. This article provides an overview of the many facets of space as they relate to national security, including satellite technology, space warfare, international law, ethical considerations, and the concept of space as critical infrastructure.

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Space and Generative AI: Seizing the Momentum

The space industry stands at an inflection point, as generative artificial intelligence (AI) propels new capabilities and efficiencies across our skies. In his insightful article, S. Sita Sonty makes a compelling case that generative AI (GenAI) will catalyze the next phase of growth for commercial space. Sonty argues GenAI tools like large language models (LLMs) are uniquely suited to automate repetitive tasks, optimize complex processes, and enhance human creativity. For an industry built on audacious innovation, generative AI represents the next giant leap.

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