A Game-Changer? India’s Small Satellite Launch Vehicle is Almost Ready!

The Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) is a small-lift launch vehicle being developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation. The rocket can deliver 500 kg to LEO or 300 kg to SSO. Optimized for launching small satellites, SSLV will also have a ridesharing capability to support multiple orbital drop-offs.

The SSLV design goals are focused on very low cost, minimal launch infrastructure, and very high launch frequency. The SSLV supports on demand mission tasking; it can be quickly put together and launched within 72 hours. Launch operations will only require a small team of six people.

SSLV completed testing in March 2022

The first commercial flight is expected to be in August 2022. The flight will carry 4 Blacksky smallsats.

A new spaceport is being built near Kulasekharapatnam in Tamil Nadu and will handle SSLV launches when construction is completed.

Demand from India alone is expected to drive 15 to 20 SSLV launches a year.

The price for a dedicated launch has been reported to be $4.2 million.

Additional information for the curious

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