United States National Cislunar Science & Technology Strategy 2022

Cislunar space, the three-dimensional region of space beyond Earth’s geosynchronous orbit but still within the gravitational influence of the Earth and/or the Moon, is a new sphere of human activity with diverse endeavors accelerating in the decade ahead.

Cislunar space offers tremendous promise for advancing science, technology, and exploration.

The National Cislunar Science & Technology Strategy provides a vision and the first science and technology objectives for realizing U.S. leadership in Cislunar space, including the Moon. Fostering scientific discovery, economic development, and international cooperation are essential to sustaining this leadership. The key objectives of the strategy are:

Objective 1: Support research and development to enable long-term growth in Cislunar space.

Objective 2: Expand international S&T cooperation in Cislunar space.

Objective 3: Extend U.S. space situational awareness capabilities into Cislunar space.

Objective 4: Implement Cislunar communications and positioning, navigation, and timing capabilities with scalable and interoperable approaches.