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Handbook for New Actors in Space

The “Handbook for New Actors in Space” is published by Secure World Foundation. It is intended to reach the following categories of new actors: national governments beginning to develop national space policies and regulations, and start-up companies, universities, and all other non-governmental entities beginning their first forays into space activities.

The goal of the handbook is to provide new actors with a broad overview of the fundamental principles, laws, norms, and best practices for peaceful, safe, and responsible activities in space. The handbook will help answer the following questions:

What is the international and national legal framework that governs their space activities?

What governmental authorities will be regulating them?

What rights and responsibilities do they have in space?

What potential liabilities do they risk for their space activities?

How do governments provide oversight of private-sector space activities?

What is the purpose and the value of national space ?

What mechanisms are there for coordinating national space activities among different agencies and entities?

What are the standard operating procedures for owners and operators in their chosen orbits?



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