ESA, the European Commission and Promus Ventures join efforts for the first European space-oriented index launched by Euronext

ESA, the European Commission and Promus Ventures have joined efforts for a Space Index launched, developed, and maintained by Euronext. This is the first Euronext European space-related index to measure the stock market performance of European companies in the space sector.

The Euronext Space Index is designed to display a fair and balanced financial representation of European-born and European-operated space companies. This index offers several benefits for the space sector:

  • It serves as a barometer of the financial markets by indicating the performance of space companies within a broad economic context, thereby guiding investors.
  • It provides a benchmark and point of reference for management companies, enabling users to compare the performance of the space sector to other indexes such as the CAC40 in France.
  • It is intended to provide exposure to financial markets and increase the visibility of the space sector and space companies entering the public market. It is also intended to facilitate the participation of individuals less informed on the space sector into public markets, thereby contributing to the growth of the valuation of the sector.

The Euronext Space Index was officially launched by Euronext on 24 January 2023.

The index is accessible at EN HELIOS SPACE 4,495.83 | Euronext exchange Live quotes. More info, included publicly listed space companies at EUROPEAN SPACE INDEX – ESA Commercialisation Gateway

Source: ESA press release

Note that the Euronext Space Index is not without controversy.please see the following Twitter thread…

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