Report: The Strategic Compass and EU Space-Based Defense Capabilities (2022)

Source: The Strategic Compass and EU Space-based Defense Capabilities


Thank youThe European Union relies on space for its economic sovereignty and security and defence. Without space-based capabilities, the EU could not enjoy any degree of strategic autonomy in security and defence. Since the adoption and endorsement of the Strategic Compass, space has only increased its relevance for the EU in the area of security and defence. Indeed, the Compass calls for a dedicated EU Strategy for Space and Defence. Yet space and defence is not a new avenue of policy for the EU and defence cooperation frameworks such as Permanent Structured Cooperation and the European Defence Fund already fund and advance space-relevant capability programmes. A major challenge facing the EU as it develops its space policies is how to ensure that the Union can develop a credible space and defence strategy, while also investing in the most appropriate space-defence capabilities.

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