Company Profile: Spaceflight, Inc.

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Name: Spaceflight, Inc.
Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, USA
Founder: Jason Andrews


Spaceflight is a private company that focuses on small satellite launch services, acting as both a launch broker and a payload integrator. Founded in 2010 by Jason Andrews, the company aims to lower the barriers to entry for organizations looking to access space by providing cost-effective and reliable launch opportunities. Spaceflight has successfully launched numerous satellites and payloads for a wide range of customers, including private companies, government agencies, and research institutions.


Launch Services

As a launch broker, Spaceflight secures launch opportunities for small satellite customers by aggregating payloads and arranging rideshare missions on a wide range of launch vehicles, including SpaceX Falcon 9, Rocket Lab Electron, and other international launch providers. The company helps customers identify suitable launch opportunities, negotiate contracts, manage schedules, and mitigate risks.

Last Mile Delivery

The company offers a portfolio of Sherpa orbital transfer vehicles which support last mile delivery. Some variants also support hosted payloads.

Payload Integration

Spaceflight offers payload integration services, working closely with satellite manufacturers, payload owners, and launch service providers to ensure the successful integration of payloads with the chosen launch vehicles. The company’s services in this area include payload design review, payload adaptation, hardware provision, testing and verification, payload installation, and pre-launch and post-launch support.

Mission Management

Spaceflight provides end-to-end mission management services, from initial planning and coordination to launch and post-launch support. This includes mission feasibility assessment, managing regulatory and licensing requirements, arranging for insurance, managing and arranging transportation, coordinating with launch providers, and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Notable Achievements as of April 2023

In December 2018, Spaceflight successfully launched the SSO-A mission, also known as the SmallSat Express, aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The mission deployed 64 small satellites from 34 organizations across 17 countries, making it the largest single rideshare mission from a U.S.-based launch vehicle.

The company has successfully launched over 471 satellites for numerous customers since its inception.


Spaceflight is an experienced player in the small satellite launch services market, offering launch brokerage, mission management, last mile delivery, and payload integration services. The company’s focus on lowering the barriers to space access has enabled numerous organizations to successfully deploy their satellites and payloads, contributing to the growth and diversification of the space industry.