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Report: Global Survey on the Use of Satellite Data 2022 (WMO 2022)

Source: WMO


  • GEO is more widely used than (incl. judging by the number of skipped questions for LEO-related data). Himawari and FY satellite data are more widely used in the region. There is a lot of interest in using FY-4A sounding data (slide 7). Commercial data are not frequently used in the region. However, some users utilize this data for special events (slide 17).
  • Most users access satellite data via the Internet for both GEO and LEO data (slides 8 & 13).
  • About 20% of users reported that they do not use LEO satellite data at all (slide 17).
  • Most of the priority application areas are well covered by corresponding training. Training is reported to be still needed for Climate, Hydrology, NWP (slide 20).
  • Training is also required in Air quality, Cryosphere and Urban Management (slide 21).
  • Preparation and effective utilization of new generation is singled out as an area where further training is needed. Additionally, training in Physical basis of , satellite derived products utilization and interpretation, satellite data processing and visualization is required by users (slide 22).
  • Users are not aware of the learning resources available online for the Region (slide 24).


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