Report: Survey on the Total Employment in Europe in the EO Services Sector (EARSC 2021)

Source: EARSC


Each year, EARS publishes a report looking at the companies in the EO services sector including the number of employees working within the sector. This represents only a part of the total employment as there is a strong resource in public sector agencies. Hence, we were challenged to put a figure to the total employment in all categories of employer both public and private, commercial and academic.

Thus, the EARS EO sector employment survey is the first report providing an estimate of the total number of Earth Observation (EO) employees throughout Europe, including both the public and private sector. Building upon two previous EARS surveys’, this study provides a more detailed picture of the employment in the Earth Observation field.

The key objectives of this research are:

  • To identify public and private entities employing Earth observation staff at the European level
  • To indicate areas of activity where further data and analysis is necessary
  • To give a more holistic picture about employment for Earth observation