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Report: Climate Change 2022 (IPCC 2022)

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The report provides a comprehensive and transparent assessment of the scientific literature on mitigation. It assesses progress in climate change mitigation and options for reducing emissions and enhancing sinks. The report evaluates the societal implications of mitigation actions, without recommending any specific options.

The scoping of this report was driven by three guiding principles: to achieve a better synthesis between higher-level whole system and grounded bottom-up insights into technologies and other approaches for reducing emissions; to make wider use of social disciplines, especially for gaining insight into issues related to lifestyle, behaviour, consumption and socio-technical transitions; and to link climate change mitigation better to other agreed goals both nationally and internationally.

The core of the report is a set of chapters devoted to different sectors, broadly aligned with the categorisation used in the IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories. These chapters cover emission trends and drivers, mitigation costs and potentials, regional specificities, and sector specific barriers, policies, financing and enabling conditions. A systems level perspective was followed where appropriate. A cross-sectoral perspectives chapter integrates findings from the sectoral chapters and assesses approaches falling outside the scope of individual sectors.



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