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What Does a Spaceport Contract Look Like?

Thanks to the EDGAR database, we can examine a complete copy of a spaceport contract. The specific contract is the Spaceport America facilities contract between the New Mexico Spaceport Authority and :

Some background –

A spaceport provides facilities and services for the and receipt of . The currently has 13 FAA licensed spaceports. BryceTech has published a full map of all global which is available here.

Spaceport America in New Mexico is the world's first purpose built commercial spaceport. The spaceport is licensed by the for horizontal and vertical launches.

Spaceport America and Virgin Galactic Relationship –

The spaceport was built and is operated by the New Mexico state . Virgin Galactic is the anchor tenant. Virgin Galactic currently pays Spaceport America approximately $5 million a year in rent and user fees.

The facility cost the state government over $220 million. Spaceport America currently operates at a loss with rental and user fees only covering 60% of the costs to operate and maintain. The budget shortfall is paid for by the New Mexico state government.

The state government considers Spaceport America an investment, however there has been discussion of selling the facility and privatizing it. New Mexico is also considering legislation to tax Virgin Galactic tickets to space.

Spaceport America has been controversial from the start –

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Additional information for the curious –

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