Report: A Strategic Framework for Space Diplomacy (US State Department 2023)


Source: US State Department


Framework for Space Diplomacy outlines actions for the Department across three pillars:

Diplomacy for Space: Advancing space policy for the benefit of future generations. Advance U.S. space policy and programs internationally through bilateral and multilateral engagement and cooperation in order to advance U.S. leadership in safe and responsible space activities, including space exploration and commerce, while strengthening U.S. and allied capabilities and working to reduce the potential for conflict.

Space for Diplomacy: Leveraging U.S. space activities for wider diplomatic goals. Pursue increased international cooperation in the use of satellite applications, remote sensing satellite imagery, and space-derived data to help solve urgent societal challenges and achieve U.S. foreign policy objectives, on issues such as: climate change and environmental sustainability; crisis management and conflict prevention; arms control and international security; economic competitiveness and prosperity; and human health, while promoting
U.S. standards, best practices, and democratic values, including through outreach to foreign publics.

Empowering the Department Workforce on Space Diplomacy.
Provide diplomatic posts and the Department’s workforce in
Washington, D.C. with the modernized skill set of tools and knowledge needed to pursue space-related policy and programmatic objectives through all relevant bilateral and multilateral fora and mechanisms.

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