Paper: Public Acceptance of Guidance and Regulation for Space Flight Participation (2023)


Space flight participants are not professional astronauts and not subject to the rules and guidance covering space flight crewmembers. Ordinal logistic regression of survey data was utilized to explore public acceptance of current medical screening recommendations and regulations for safety risk and implied liability for civil space flight participation. Independent variables constituted participant demographic representations while dependent variables represented current Federal Aviation Administration guidance and regulations. Odds ratios were derived based on the demographic categories to interpret likelihood of acceptance for the criteria. Significant likely acceptance of guidance and regulations was found for five of twelve demographic variables influencing public acceptance of one or more areas of guidance and regulations: age, household size, marital status, employment status, and employment class. Increases in age and household size, never married, employed full-time, and self-employed exhibited significance in increased likelihood of acceptance of one or more areas of the guidance and regulations for space flight participation. Findings are intended to inform government regulators and commercial space industries on what guidance and regulations the different demographics of the public are willing to accept.

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