Report: Revolution Space – Europe’s Mission for Space Exploration (ESA HLAG 2023)

The document is a report by the High-Level Advisory Group on Human and Robotic Space Exploration for Europe. The key points are:

  • Space is undergoing a revolution comparable to the growth of the internet 20 years ago. Europe risks falling behind other space powers like the US and China if it does not increase its ambitions in space exploration.
  • There are important geopolitical, economic, societal and sustainability benefits for Europe in pursuing greater autonomy in space exploration through human and robotic capabilities. This requires increased public and private investment in the space sector.
  • Europe should establish an independent presence in Earth orbit, lunar orbit, on the moon and beyond. It should aim to capture 1/3 of the projected 1 trillion euro space economy by 2040.
  • To achieve this, Europe needs to transform its processes, empower new private sector actors, increase competition, and pursue public-private partnerships. Bold near-term goals and flagship projects for human spaceflight are recommended.
  • The report calls on the European Space Agency to act now despite current challenges, with proposals for a European Space Mission integrating industry, academia and international partnerships. This can inspire European society, especially youth, with a bold narrative for the future.

In summary, the report argues Europe must pursue a much more ambitious and transformative approach to space exploration to secure its interests and values, catalyze innovation and economic growth, and provide inspiration. Concrete actions, increased investments and public-private collaboration are urged.

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