Report: Economic Impact of Spaceport America 2022 (NMSA 2023)

Here are the key points from the report on the economic impact of Spaceport America in 2022:

  • The report was prepared by researchers at New Mexico State University and sponsored by the New Mexico Spaceport Authority. It estimates the economic impact of Spaceport America’s operations, tenant operations, and visitor spending in New Mexico in 2022.
  • Spaceport America is the first purpose-built commercial spaceport, located in southern New Mexico adjacent to White Sands Missile Range. It has facilities for vertical and horizontal launches and a 12,000 ft runway.
  • The space industry has seen rapid growth recently in commercial launches and satellites. This has created opportunities but also more competition for Spaceport America from other spaceports. Spaceport America has advantages like its location, launch record, and FAA approvals.
  • Spaceport America engages in STEM education activities like classroom visits and hosting the Spaceport America Cup rocket competition. It has also expanded its visitor experience through public tours.
  • The economic impact analysis used standard methods and IMPLAN software to estimate impacts. The main impacts were from tenant operations, visitor spending, and Spaceport America revenues excluding state funding.
  • The total estimated economic impact in New Mexico in 2022 was 549 direct jobs, 811 total jobs, $138 million in economic output, $60 million in value added, $46 million in labor income, and $12.9 million in tax revenue.
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