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Report: Indian Space Program and its Drivers: Possible Implications for the Global Space Market (ESGI 2022)


The report “Indian Space Program and Its Drivers: Possible Implications for the Global Space Market” by Namrata Goswami discusses the Indian space program's history, drivers, and its impact on the global space market. The Indian space program is one of the oldest in the world and has played a critical role in 's national development and external power projection capability. The program is known for its low-cost launches and has sent missions to the and . The paper identifies three main drivers for India's space program: nationalism, entrepreneurship, and national security.

Nationalism plays a significant role in India's space program, as it contributes to nation-building, regime legitimacy, internal national development, and external status. Entrepreneurship is another driver, with India aspiring to play an entrepreneurial role in space capacity building. The country has established commercial arms like Antrix Corporation and New Space India Ltd (NSIL) to encourage the growth of the commercial . National security is the third driver, with space playing a critical role in command, control, and communication (NC3), command and control, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).

India's space capacities include civilian, military, and commercial sectors. The civilian space capacity consists of indigenous capacity, satellite launches to multiple orbits, and a national security space infrastructure. The military space capacity includes the development of India's own navigation system, ISR capacities, and the establishment of a Space Agency. The capacities involve the emerging Indian commercial space sector and its growing role in the Indian .

The paper concludes by discussing the impact of the Indian space sector on the global space market and offers recommendations for better coordination of Indian space .



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