Overview of the SpaceX Starship

SpaceX Starship serves as a fully reusable spacecraft designed and developed by SpaceX, the American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation company. Founded by Elon Musk, SpaceX seeks to revolutionize space travel and make it more cost-effective. The Starship project plays a central role in this vision. The spacecraft is intended to carry both crew and cargo to destinations such as the Moon, Mars, and potentially beyond.

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Paper: NASA’s Initial Artemis Human Landing System (NASA 2022)

In the spring of 2021, NASA awarded a single follow-on Option A contract to SpaceX to continue their work on HLS Starship development. Currently, NASA and SpaceX are working collaboratively on Option A, which will ultimately culminate in one uncrewed and one crewed mission to the lunar surface under Artemis III. The paper provides an overview of the Option A phase of development for the HLS program, including publicly available information on SpaceX’s HLS Starship design, as well as near-term and future milestones for HLS and the Artemis program.

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