How to use SEC filings to better understand space economy companies

The SEC provides a freely available database called Edgar which contains information on all publicly traded companies. These companies are required to make filings to the SEC, including: annual reports; and upon the occurrence of specific events that are material to the business. These filings are made available in the Edgar database.

Using Edgar, you can find a wide range of information related to a company, including such things as: strategy, business model, financials, insider trading, risks, and competition.

Space economy companies in Edgar include:

The following is the Edgar company search page.

The top level view of a company’s filing page (using “classic view”) looks like the following.

A company filing page may be cryptic to someone who is new to Edgar. To help you decode the filings, the following tables provide a guide to important company filings to monitor.

Some examples regarding how SEC filings can be used:

Additional information for the curious

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