Nuri – Korea’s New Orbital Launch Vehicle

“Nuri” (meaning “world” in English), also known as KSLV-II (Korean Space Launch Vehicle-II), is a three-stage expendable launch vehicle. The rocket’s payload capacity is 2,600 kg to LEO (300 km) and 1,500 kg to LEO (600 to 800 km). It launches from the Naro Space Center.

Nuri is being developed by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute. The rocket is South Korea’s first indigenously developed orbital launch vehicle. The South Korean government’s goal is to develop relatively inexpensive and reliable rockets competitive enough for the commercial launch market.

The rocket’s first test flight, on October 21, 2021, failed to place the dummy satellite into orbit due to a third stage failure. The second test flight is scheduled for June 2022.

Naro Space Center Location

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