Can it get any worse? New Space Economy companies performance over 52 week period ending June 30, 2022…

This article reviews the performance of the following new space economy companies over 52 weeks ending June 30, 2022: $ARQQ $SPCE $ASTR $RKLB $ASTS $MAXR $MNTS $RDW $VORB $SPIR $BKSY $LLAP $SATL $PL $SIDU $MYNA.

Old space economy company performances are also included for comparison purposes: $BA $AJRD $NOC $LMT $IRDM $DISH $GSAT $VSAT $GILT $SES.PA $SATS $SIRI $T $TRMB $CSCSA $GRMN $KTOS $LHX $HO.TA $TSAT $MDA.TO.

Performance % is over 52 weeks ending June 30, 2022.

Market Context

S&P 500 Performance

The S&P 500 index was down -11.38%.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Space Economy ETFs Performance

-35.7% $ARKX ARK Space Exploration and Innovation ETF

-35% $UFO Procure Space ETF

New Space Economy Companies

The worst performing company was Astra Space at -90%, and the “best” was Maxar at -37%.

-90% $ASTR Astra Space (SPAC)

Source: Yahoo Finance

-87% $SPCE Virgin Galactic (SPAC)

Source: Yahoo Finance

-88% $SPIR Spire Global (SPAC)

-85% $MNTS Momentus (SPAC)

-79% $BKSY Blacksky (SPAC)

-73% $RDW Redwire (SPAC)

-72% $SIDU Sidus Space

-67% $MYNA Mynaric

-65% $RKLB Rocket Lab (SPAC)

Source: Yahoo Finance

-66% $VORB Virgin Orbit (SPAC)

-63% $SATL Satellogic (SPAC)

-57% $PL Planet Labs (SPAC)

Source: Yahoo Finance

-53% $LLAP Terran Orbital (SPAC)

-52% $ASTS AST SpaceMobile (SPAC)

-45% $ARQQ Arqit Quantum (SPAC)

-37% $MAXR Maxar

Source: Yahoo Finance

Old Space Economy Companies

The worst performing company was Telesat at -72%, and the best was Thales S.A. +38.6%.

-72% $TSAT Telesat

-57% $DISH DISH Network Company

-51.4% $KTOS Kratos Defense and Security Solutions

-51% $MDA.TO MDA Ltd.

-43% $BA The Boeing Company

-40.7% $GILT Gilat Satellite Networks

-38.5% $VSAT Viasat

-33% $GRMN Garmin

-31% $CMCSA Comcast

-31% $GSAT Globalstar

-31% $TRMB Trimble

-26.6% $SES.PA SES S.A.

-20.5% $SATS Echostar Corporation

-16% $AJRD Aerojet Rocketdyne

-6% $SIRI Sirius XM

-6% $IRDM Iridium Communications (SPAC)

-4% $T AT&T

+11.4% $LHX L3 Harris Technologies

+13.6% $LMT Lockheed Martin Corporation

+31.7% $NOC Northrop Grumman

+38.6% $HO.PA Thales S.A.


Of the 16 new space economy businesses all had negative returns.

Of the 21 old space economy businesses 4 had positive returns.

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