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Hubble: An Overview of the Space Telescope – Free e-book

The has become a household word since its in 1990, famed for bringing the world unique and spectacular views of the cosmos. In its image-filled pages, Hubble: An Overview of the Space Telescope tells the story of the telescope's history, design, operation, , and more.

The book serves as an excellent introduction to the telescope and its science, taking readers on a quick tour of the telescope's , including its instruments and their purposes. Discover how the telescope is designed and how it works, and get a rundown of the servicing missions that have kept Hubble at the top of its game throughout its more than 30 years in space. The book explains how astronomers compete for and are awarded time on the telescope for observations, and describes the mission operations that keep the telescope functioning smoothly during its journey around Earth.

Hubble: An Overview of the Space Telescope's extensive science section highlights some of Hubble's most important discoveries, from finding that most galaxies contain massive black holes to uncovering the still-unexplained phenomenon of dark energy. It showcases Hubble's stellar hits, including supernovae and starbirth, and dips back into our own to show how Hubble has shed light on the planets and objects in our own cosmic backyard. 

Lastly, the book brings Hubble back to Earth for a glimpse at how its technology has affected people on our own planet, from image-processing algorithms that improved surgeries to polishing tools used on speed skates for Olympic competitors. It sweeps through Hubble's cultural impact, examining the ways the telescope has made a part of everyday life on Earth.


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