Insights into Space Logistics Vehicles

This article provides an overview of the space logistics vehicles competitive landscape. A detailed spreadsheet containing compiled data is available at the end of this article.

Top insights from the data are:

  • 51 companies are offering space logistics vehicles
    • 26/51% of the companies are headquartered in the United States
  • 69 space logistics vehicles are currently identified
    • 11/16% vehicles are currently operational
    • 18/26% vehicles have their first flight scheduled for 2023
    • 54/77% of the vehicles are being developed by start-up companies
  • The top functionalities supported are: hosted payloads/satellite as a service; last mile delivery; orbit adjustment; and active debris removal
  • 69% of published online vehicles documentation is of poor, or very poor quality

Some general observations:

  • The competitive landscape is very crowded
  • Several companies have operational vehicles and a significant head start, e.g., Northrop Grumman (SpaceLogistics), Spaceflight, and D-Orbit
  • Based on the low quality of the online documentation, it would appear that many companies are at the very early stage of product definition and customer engagement

Some complementary articles are provided on this page – Space Logistics.

This document and associated data will be updated as new information is available. Last update January 30, 2023. Please use our contact form to let us know of any errors or suggested updates.

Planned future updates include: periodic checking of companies for record accuracy; addition of pricing where that information is available from the vendor; reporting on vehicle status using Technology Readiness Levels; reporting on start-up status based on funding round; reporting on public company status based on number of years of remaining runway; and identification of signed customer contracts.

Note that all following charts are interactive.

See this article for a description of the functionalities – Space Logistics – A Quick Overview.

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