Report: UK Defense Space Strategy (MOD 2022)

Source: UK Government


This strategy directly supports the integrated National Space Strategy which was published in September 2021. It sets out the government’s vision for Defence as a global actor in the space domain and articulates how MOD will deliver the Protect and Defend goal through space-related capabilities, operations and partnerships, delivering against the ambition to become a meaningful actor in space.

MOD will focus its attention to deliver space capabilities to protect and defend UK interests in support of global military operations. UK priorities are to:

  • Enhance understanding of the threats and hazards in, from, or through space.
  • Deliver high-quality information and intelligence in real time from space to the military.
  • Deliver the first in a series of constellations of novel sensors to track targets on Earth.
  • Understand, design and field technologies to protect and defend UK interests in or from space.