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Report: Time to Designate Space Systems as Critical Infrastructure (CSC 2023)

Source: McCrary Institute


The U.S. today is in a different kind of space race, one whose and advanced support systems are critical not just to our , but to everyday activities like air travel, cell phone use, and banking. These systems help support the backbone of the American economy and U.S. national security, which is why our nation's adversaries continue to devise and test capabilities to destroy them. With the volume and sophistication of assets growing, policymakers should designate U.S. as and invest accordingly.

What type of public-private partnership would be needed to build greater security and resilience in this area? What are the best solutions to protecting these vital assets and confronting the unique challenges they face? The McCrary Institute, along with the Cyberspace Solarium Commission (CSC) 2.0 and the Foundation for of Democracies (FDD), consider these questions and more as part of an examination of the underexamined – but critical – commercial that helps drive American prosperity, innovation, and security.



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