The Seven Space Summits Challenge?

For mountaineers there is a “Seven Summits Challenge”. This challenge involves climbing to the summit of the highest mountain on each continent.

For private astronauts the “Seven Space Summits Challenge” might be:

  • Fly to space on each of: Roscosmos, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin.
  • Visit each of: International Space Station, and Tiangong Space Station.
  • Fly around the moon on SpaceX.

This might seem impossible to achieve. However, one private astronaut has already completed 2 out of 7 challenges, and has 2 additional challenges scheduled for completion – Yusaku Maezawa. He has flown to space with Roscosmos, visited ISS, and he is booked to fly around the moon with SpaceX.

Just as history remembers the first mountaineer to achieve the “Seven Summits Challenge”, Richard Bass, and the first Space Tourist, Dennis Tito; History will remember the first private astronaut to achieve the “Seven Space Summits Challenge”.

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