Press Release: May 22 Event – NASA Begins Feedback Process for Moon to Mars Architecture

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Source: NASA

As NASA builds a blueprint for human exploration throughout the solar system for the benefit of humanity, efforts to advance the agency's Moon to Mars architecture concept development approach are underway. NASA will host a virtual webinar at 2 p.m. EDT, Monday, May 22, in which leaders from the agency's Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate will discuss how U.S. commercial industry, academic communities, and others can contribute to NASA's evolving Moon to Mars architecture approach.

NASA released the outcomes of its first Architecture Concept Review in April and is beginning the process to seek feedback that will feed forward into future iterations of the agency's Architecture Definition Document, a deep dive into the Moon to Mars exploration strategy campaign segments, the architecture elements and functional allocations, and crewed and uncrewed reference missions.

The webinar will review the documents released in April and preview a June workshop for invited commercial companies and academic institutions to share feedback on NASA's architecture.

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NASA began developing its Architecture Definition Document in late 2022 as a detailed look at how the Moon to Mars Objectives can be broken into achievable functions and traced to specific architecture elements. The agency plans yearly Architecture Concept Reviews to incorporate new technological capabilities and evolving objectives.

Under , NASA has set a vision to explore more of the Moon than ever before. With the crew for Artemis II recently named, the agency plans to return humans to the Moon and establish a cadence of missions starting at the lunar south pole region. These missions set up a long-term presence to inform future exploration of Mars and other potential destinations in the solar system.