Beyond the Atmosphere: An Overview of the United Kingdom’s Space Capabilities Catalogue

The United Kingdom, though not as frequently in the limelight as NASA or ESA, plays a pivotal role in global space exploration and technology. One such initiative underlining the UK’s commitment to the space industry is the United Kingdom Space Capabilities Catalogue.

What is the UK Space Capabilities Catalogue?

The UK Space Capabilities Catalogue is a comprehensive database managed by the Satellite Applications Catapult. This catalogue serves as a detailed guide to the breadth of the United Kingdom’s space expertise, offering a systematic compilation of space-related organisations, technologies, services, facilities, and resources across the nation.

With the vision of showcasing the UK’s dynamic and innovative space industry, this catalogue is a significant tool for fostering collaboration, enhancing visibility, and encouraging growth within the space sector both nationally and internationally.

Why is the UK Space Capabilities Catalogue Important?

The UK Space Capabilities Catalogue has several key roles:

  • Visibility: The catalogue provides visibility to the diverse range of organisations, research institutions, companies, and facilities involved in the UK’s space sector, enabling them to be more easily identified and approached for potential collaborations and partnerships.
  • Networking: By listing all relevant players in the UK space industry, the catalogue facilitates networking and collaboration opportunities, opening doors to potential partnerships and joint ventures.
  • Knowledge Base: As a detailed compilation of resources, services, and technologies, the catalogue serves as a knowledge base for the UK’s space capabilities, valuable for both domestic and international stakeholders.
  • Stimulating Growth: The catalogue promotes the growth of the UK space industry by offering a platform for exposure and engagement, highlighting the strengths and capabilities of the sector to a global audience.

What Features Does the UK Space Capabilities Catalogue Offer?

The UK Space Capabilities Catalogue provides a wealth of features and information:

  • Comprehensive Database: The catalogue lists a wide array of entities involved in the UK’s space industry, including companies, research institutions, and government agencies. Each entry includes detailed information about the organisation’s area of expertise, services, and contact information.
  • Search Functionality: The catalogue includes a search function that enables users to quickly find and explore entities by name, capability, or area of expertise.
  • Categories: Entities are categorised based on their capabilities and areas of expertise, such as satellite manufacturing, launch services, space science, or education and training. This categorisation aids users in quickly identifying the relevant organisations.
  • Updates: The catalogue is regularly updated to reflect the evolving landscape of the UK’s space sector, ensuring the information remains current and relevant.


The UK Space Capabilities Catalogue is an important tool in the United Kingdom’s space strategy. By providing a comprehensive overview of the nation’s space capabilities, it not only promotes collaboration and growth within the industry but also reinforces the UK’s position as a key player in global space exploration and technology.

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