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Last updated on August 25, 2022.

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What Are The Fortune Tellers Saying About The Global Space Economy?

Seven Must-Read Space Economy Newsletters!

Space Economy Taxonomy Compendium 2022

Best (free) Online References for the New Space Economy

Market Size Reports

FAA is forecasting between 59 and 186 Licensed and Permitted Launches and Reentry Operations in 2026

FAA Commercial Space Statistics as of August 22, 2022

UK Space Industry 2015 to 2020

United States Space Economy 2012 – 2019

Company Information

How to use SEC filings to better understand space economy companies

New Space Hub Business Directory

FCC Filings for Earth Stations and Space Stations

Insights into Astra Space

Insights into Rocket Lab

Best Sources for SpaceX Statistics

Launch Vehicles

An Independent Analysis of the Global Heavy Lift Launch Market

Heavy Lift Launch Vehicles Global Market 2007 to 2018

Space Launch Market for Heavy Lift Vehicles

Small Launchers: 2021 Industry Survey and Market Analysis

European Rocket Index

The King of Smallsat Launchers

Launch Vehicle Categorizations Made Simple: What You Need To Know

Orbital Launch Vehicles 2022 Compendium

Small Satellite Launchers Index

Launch Costs 1957 to 2019

Launch Vehicle Weight and Cost By Major Elements… Competitive Battleground?

The Rapidly Declining Cost Of Space Flight (infographic)

Up to 87% of Smallsat Launch Delays are Avoidable

Medium lift comparables:

Medium/Heavy lift comparables:


FAA Filings for Spaceports, Launches, and Reentries


Total Launches by Country

Chronology of Space Launches

FAA is forecasting between 59 and 186 Licensed and Permitted Launches and Reentry Operations in 2026

FAA Commercial Space Data

Orbital Launches of 2022 (as of June)

UK CAA launch licensing


Space Track

Popular Orbits 101

Satellite Constellations: 2021 Industry Survey and Trends

Satellite Constellations Index


General Catalog of Artificial Space Objects

UCS Satellite Database

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