Space Economy Taxonomy – SpaceFund

SpaceFund is a venture capital firm which invests in visionary yet practical high-growth startups addressing the multi-billion dollar space markets that will both enable and benefit from the space revolution.

SpaceFund’s view of the space economy and associated taxonomy, are as follows:

  • Space Economy
    • Transportation
      • Launch industry
      • In-Space Transportation (e.g. tugs, in-space propulsion systems, custom 3rd stages, fuel depots, etc.)
      • Planetary Surface Space (e.g. lunar landers, space elevators for use on the Moon or Mars, etc.)
      • Planetary On-Surface Transportation (robotic and human-supporting rovers)
    • Communications
      • Beyond Earth Orbit Communications (e.g. technology and services to enable communications beyond Earth orbit)
      • Terrestrial/Earth Orbit Communications (e.g. ‘bent pipe’ Earth to Earth communications, including traditional communications satellites, internet providers, and ground-based receivers)
    • Supply chain
      • Satellite servicing (e.g. debris mitigation, orbit adjustment, robotic servicing, asset monitoring)
      • Raw materials mining
      • Manufacturing and production
      • Distribution and storage
    • Human factors
      • Habitats
        • Surface
        • In-space
      • Life-support
      • Biomedical
    • Energy
      • Capture and creation (e.g. solar, nuclear, fuel cell)
      • Transmission (e.g. laser, microwave, radio, solar)
      • Storage (e.g. capacitor, battery, regenerative fuel cell, flywheels)
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