India’s Bhuvan – Harnessing Space for National Development

Bhuvan is an ambitious geo-portal developed and hosted by the Indian Space Research Organisation’s National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC). Officially launched in 2009, Bhuvan aims to promote the application of geospatial technology for national development goals.


Bhuvan is a web-based geo-platform that provides 2D and 3D visualizations of the surface of the earth through high-resolution satellite imagery. It integrates spatial data acquired from multiple Indian remote sensing satellites such as Cartosat, RISAT and Resourcesat as well as commercial satellites.

Bhuvan offers an intuitive user interface and tools for exploring geographic information on diverse themes like land cover, water resources, infrastructure, forests, agriculture and oceans. Users can view, query, measure, analyze and download geospatial data relevant to various sectors.

Key Features

  • Detailed mapping capabilities with continuous data enrichment using latest satellite imagery
  • Customized map creation with options to overlay multiple thematic layers
  • Free downloading of terrain and thematic data for registered users
  • Measurement tools for distance, area and coordinates
  • 3D visualization with fly-through navigation
  • Support for location-based services, GPS tracking and geo-tagging
  • Mobile app support for Android and iOS platforms
  • Multilingual interface with options in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada etc.


Bhuvan is continuously enlarged with new thematic information on urban planning, infrastructure assets, land records, forests, mining resources, potential fishing zones and more.

Some key applications include:

  • Local governance support through Bhuvan Panchayat with detailed village-level mapping
  • Disaster management by providing near real-time satellite data during cyclones, floods, landslides etc.
  • Utility mapping for infrastructure planning in water, power, transport etc.
  • Detailed 3D terrain modeling for defense/security applications
  • Planning for climate change impact, drought assessment and groundwater prospects
  • Natural resource management in agriculture, forestry, mining, oceans etc.
  • Geotagging services for tourism/navigation apps and ground truth validation


Bhuvan is harnessing India’s advancements in space technology to promote use of geospatial information and intelligence for national development goals. As a flagship platform of ISRO, Bhuvan is integrating space data with IT tools for the benefit of the nation.

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