What is the AIAA Cislunar Ecosystem Task Force?

The AIAA Cislunar Ecosystem Task Force is a group convened by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) focused on extending human economic activity into deep space by establishing a permanent human presence on the Moon.

The task force comprises participants from private sector companies, universities, and non-governmental organizations. It is organized into sector-specific working groups to address the technical and policy challenges of developing a cislunar ecosystem, defined as the region of space between low Earth orbit and the lunar surface.

The task force aims to support policymakers by coordinating industry, government, academia and other institutions to promote infrastructure development and institutions needed for sustainable human presence beyond Earth orbit. It provides recommendations on topics like communications, navigation, transportation, habitation, resource utilization, and more.

The task force has proposed initiatives like Project Clarity to clarify the applicability of existing US economic development programs to commercial space activities. It continues to convene experts to discuss strategies for extending the space economy and provide guidance on policy and technical issues for realizing the goal of a robust cislunar ecosystem.

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