Open Data Visualization: RealEarth

RealEarth is a data visualization and discovery platform developed by the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The purpose of RealEarth is to provide an easy to use interface for visualizing and comparing atmospheric, oceanic, and earth science data sets. It allows users to overlay multiple data sets on an interactive map.

RealEarth provides access to a wide variety of environmental data products including satellite imagery, model output, and ground based observations. New data sets are continually added.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Interactive map with data overlays and animations
  • Data visualization tools like line plots and histograms
  • API access for custom applications
  • Web services for integrating RealEarth data into other sites

RealEarth makes environmental data more accessible to students, educators, researchers, government agencies, and the general public. It supports collaboration and outreach.

The API allows developers to build custom interfaces and tools using RealEarth data. This enables new visualizations and applications.

Overall, RealEarth provides an easy way for people to visualize, analyze, and access a diverse collection of environmental data sets through an interactive web platform. This supports education, research, and decision making.

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