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World Economic Forum Identifies “Crowding and Competition in Space” as a Major Global Risk in 2022 Report

“The Global Risks Report” published by the World Economic Forum in 2022 identifies crowding and in space as a major global risk:

While humans have been exploring space for decades, recent years have witnessed increased activity, not only creating new opportunities but also signalling an emerging realm of risk, particularly with growing and in the arena. New commercial satellite market entrants are disrupting
incumbents' traditional influence over the global space commons in delivering satellite services, notably internet-related communications. A greater number and range of actors operating in space could generate frictions if and exploitation are not responsibly managed. With limited and outdated global governance in place to regulate space alongside diverging national-level policies, risks are intensifying.

One consequence of accelerated space activity is a higher risk of collisions that could lead to a proliferation of and impact the orbits that host infrastructure for key systems on Earth, damage valuable space equipment or spark international tensions. Limited governance tools increase the likelihood of space activity escalating tensions, and recent weapons tests in space underscore such risks. Increased space activity could also lead to unknown environmental impacts or raise costs for public goods such as weather monitoring or surveillance.

World Economic Forum The Global Risks Report 2022

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