Top 5 List for Fans of SpaceX’s Starship

For those eagerly awaiting the first orbital flights of SpaceX’s Starship, here are the Top 5 resources to stay in the loop on progress towards launch and beyond!

Note that this list is based upon my personal experience searching for the best sources of information on Starship. If you have other favorite sources, please let me know in the comments or via DM.

@grandpajoe42 maintains and publishes a “Starship Launch Readiness” checklist. A snapshot from October 13, 2022 is shown to the left. Regular updates are posted to his Twitter feed, and the latest update is always available here.

The “Starship Production Diagram” provides detailed insight into the status of Starship and Booster production. This infographic is produced on a regular basis by @_brendan_lewis. Updates are published on his Twitter feed.

Follow and watch the Every Day Astronaut on YouTube. He can be counted on to have up-to-date and accurate status information. The channel also provides insanely detailed and fascinating videos covering all aspects of Starship – including one-on-one interviews with Elon Musk!

The “Starship Facts” website provides an expansive collection of information related to Starship. Before you spend time searching Google… take a look at this website first.

Lab Padre provides comprehensive live video feeds covering the Starship launch site and surrounding worksites. Also, if anything of note happens at Starbase – it’s guaranteed Lab Padre will have a video of it on their channel.

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