Space Logistics – What are In-Space Production Applications Awards

NASA supports In Space Production Applications (InSPA) awards to help the selected companies raise the technological readiness level of their products and move them to market, propelling U.S. industry toward the development of a sustainable, scalable, and profitable non-NASA demand for services and products in low-Earth orbit. These commercialization awards provide opportunities for NASA to reduce its future costs in LEO enabling deep-space missions farther from Earth, including the Moon and Mars.

NASA is leading commercial LEO development efforts to stimulate non-NASA demand for commercially owned and operated orbital destinations from which NASA can purchase services as one of many customers. NASA’s InSPA mission, vision and associated goals:


Ensuring U.S. leadership of in-space manufacturing in low-Earth orbit by enabling the use of the ISS National Laboratory to demonstrate the production of advanced materials and products for terrestrial markets.


A robust and sustainable space economy where a diverse portfolio of U.S. companies operate a broad array of commercially owned productions facilities alongside government and private astronauts living and training on the LEO Commercial Destinations that follow the space station.


  1. Serve U.S. national interests by developing materials and technologies that strengthen industry leadership, improve national security, and create high-quality jobs.
  2. Provide benefits to humanity by developing products that significantly improve the quality of life for people on Earth.
  3. Accelerate development of the space economy in LEO by stimulating demand for scalable and sustainable non-NASA utilization of future commercial LEO destinations.

Source: NASA