Everything You Wanted to Know About SpaceX from a Business Perspective…

This will be updated as new information is available. Last updated on January 22, 2023.

SpaceX is still a private company and details regarding their business are not available. This article provides pointers to the top articles addressing elements of the SpaceX business, including: launch services economics, cost to reuse Falcon 9 boosters, revenue, customers, and competitive positioning.

Business Model

SpaceX launch services economics

How much does it cost to launch a reused Falcon 9?


How much revenue did SpaceX make in 2022?

Competitive Advantage

Industry Disruptor: SpaceX Falcon 9 LEO launch pricing 2010 to 2022

SpaceX rideshare impact on the small launch market


Guess who is SpaceX’s best customer?


Best sources for SpaceX statistics