Everything You Wanted to Know About SpaceX from a Business Perspective…

This will be updated as new information is available. Last updated on February 24, 2023.

SpaceX is still a private company and details regarding their business are not available. This article provides pointers to the top articles addressing elements of the SpaceX business, including: launch services economics, cost to reuse Falcon 9 boosters, revenue, customers, and competitive positioning.

Business Model

SpaceX launch services economics

How much does it cost to launch a reused Falcon 9?

Why SpaceX is at Risk of Bankruptcy

Can SpaceX Launch Starship Three Times Per Day?

Is SpaceX profitable?


How much revenue did SpaceX make in 2022?

Predicting SpaceX’s 2023 Revenue

Competitive Advantage

Industry Disruptor: SpaceX Falcon 9 LEO launch pricing 2010 to 2022

SpaceX rideshare impact on the small launch market


Guess who is SpaceX’s best customer?


Best sources for SpaceX statistics