Could SpaceX’s Starship be Used as a Space Station Replacement?

CLD concept based upon Starship

Yes, Starship could potentially be used as a replacement for a space station. SpaceX has stated that the vehicle is intended to be a fully reusable transportation system that can carry both crew and cargo to destinations throughout the solar system, including the Moon and Mars.

Starship has the potential to be used as a space station replacement because it is designed to be able to remain in space for extended periods of time. The vehicle’s proposed design includes a pressurized cabin that can accommodate up to 100 people, making it possible to use the Starship as a habitat for long-duration space missions.

However, it is worth noting that Starship is still in the development stage, and many technical and operational challenges will need to be overcome before it can be used for such a purpose. Additionally, there are other factors to consider, such as the cost of launching and maintaining a Starship-based space station, which may make it more practical to continue using traditional space station designs.