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Report: Lunar Policy Handbook (Moon Dialogs 2023)

Source: SWF


This Handbook is an important tool and topical resource for anyone interested in lunar exploration. To facilitate future lunar missions in a cooperative and peaceful manner it is essential that law- and policymakers, officials, diplomats, as well as engineers and scientists understand the policy and governance implications of lunar exploration. This handbook will assist them, whether they are recognized experts in the fields of and policy or less familiar with those fields, and whether they come from established spacefaring nations or from emerging and aspiring ones. In addition, students in policy, law and engineering as well as interested members of the public and civil society will also benefit from reading this book, written in an accessible manner and addressing a multitude of relevant aspects ranging from issues like site selection, benefit sharing or waste disposal to legal issues such as liability for damage, conflict resolution or the use of .

Another important group of readers who will benefit from this book are the pioneering and aspiring starters in this new industry, for whom it is equally essential to understand the policy implications of the missions they are working on. After all, awareness of these aspects will improve their business case by enabling them to address certain issues from the Start of the design phase rather than as an afterthought. This group may be particularly interested in the second part of this book, which follows a mission involving a lunar rover from till end of life, providing a realistic case scenario covering specific activities and their policy implications.



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