Timeline for the World’s First Entertainment Arena and Content Studios In Space

This timeline will be updated as new information becomes available.

NET – No Earlier Than

NLT – No Later Than

January 2022

Project Announcement

Space Entertainment Enterprises (SEE) announced they are working with Axiom Space to develop and operate a dedicated Entertainment Arena and Content Studios in space. The studios module has been named SEE-1 and will be attached to the Axiom commercial space station (Axiom Station) at the International Space Station.

The SEE-1 module will allow artists, producers, and creatives to develop, produce, record, and live stream content which maximizes the Space Station’s low-orbit micro-gravity environment, including films, television, music and sports events.

SEE is developing multiple forms of entertainment, music, and sports projects to exploit the microgravity environment. SEE-1 will be made available to media and entertainment partners for producing, recording and live streaming content and events.

SEE is currently in discussions with investors and commercial partners on the project with a further fundraising round planned shortly.

NET late 2025

Axiom HAB One Launched

Axiom HAB One launched and integrated with ISS. SEE-1 will attach to this module.

NET late 2025

SEE-1 Launched

SEE-1 launched and integrated with Axiom HAB 0ne

NET 2026

SEE-1 Declared Operational


First movie begins filming using SEE-1

First movie is expected to be a Tom Cruise movie.

NET 2028
NLT 2030

Axiom Station operating separately from ISS

When the station’s initial configuration is completed and it is ready to separate from the ISS, the content creation venue will comprise one-fifth of its volume.

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