Report: Transforming Space: The New Space Era – Expansion of the Space Economy (BoA 2023)


Key Takeaways

The document begins with an introduction to the concept of the commercial space economy, highlighting its multifaceted nature and expansion beyond space tourism. In 2021, the global space economy was estimated at $469 billion, an increase of over 60% from a decade earlier, with projections reaching approximately $1.1 trillion by 2030.

Government investments remain an important driver, with the European Union (EU) planning to invest around $15 billion over the next five years in space-related initiatives. In the United States, NASA plays a significant role in advancing commercial space, awarding contracts to public and private companies for various applications like communication, security, and climate monitoring.

Over 30 Years of Commercial Space

The section describes the early stages of the commercial space economy and its development over the last three decades. It explains the lack of clear definition around the term and emphasizes how the Space Shuttle, despite its capabilities, could not meet the demand for launches. The Challenger disaster in 1986 further impacted the situation.

Political decisions like the National Security Decision Directive (NSDD) 254 by President Ronald Reagan led to the birth of the commercial space launch industry. The first U.S.-licensed commercial launches took place in 1989.

Politics Continue to Influence the Space Economy

This part of the document discusses the legislative measures affecting the commercial space industry, particularly the SPACE Act of 2015. The act provided incentives for private companies to engage in space exploratory activities, including the exploitation of resources beyond Earth, and it extended indemnification for American launch providers.

Commercial Space Products and Services

The content provides a breakdown of the commercial space sector, though the preview does not offer specific details on the products and services.


The document provides an overview of the expansion of the space economy, focusing on the growth, investment, legislative influence, and commercial aspects of the space industry. It highlights the key players, governmental roles, historical context, and future prospects, painting a multifaceted picture of a rapidly growing and evolving field.

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