EO Portal: Your Gateway to Earth Observation

The EO Portal website (https://directory.eoportal.org/) is an online directory that provides information about Earth observation (EO) satellite missions, sensors, organizations, projects, and data. Some key things to know about the EO Portal:

  • It is maintained by the European Space Agency and provides a central access point for information on EO satellites, sensors and activities worldwide.
  • The website contains descriptions and technical details on over 600 past, present and future EO satellite missions operated by various international organizations and space agencies.
  • There is a searchable, interactive satellite mission database that allows filtering by orbit, agency, coverage, application area, and other parameters.
  • Detailed sensor and instrument technical specifications are provided for various types of EO sensors like optical imagers, radars, radiometers, spectrometers, etc.
  • Information is available on organizations involved in EO projects around the world, like space agencies, companies, research institutes, and ground stations.
  • The portal contains news, articles, events listings, image galleries, videos and other resources related to the EO community.
  • There are links to access data from different EO satellite missions through various online data portals and archives.
  • Interactive content like 3D models of satellites and orbit visualizations make the portal engaging and educational.

The EO Portal is a comprehensive web-based information hub for the earth observation community, collating technical details, news, data access links, events, and multimedia content on EO satellites, sensors, projects, organizations and data archives globally.

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