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Report: Annual Highlights of Results from the International Space Station (NASA 2023)

Here is a summary of the key points from the report:

  • The report was published collaboratively by the of the US, , , , and .
  • It highlights scientific conducted aboard the from October 2021 to September 2022.
  • 414 publications were identified, most appearing in peer-reviewed journals. These represent research in biology, biotechnology, human health, physical sciences, , and Earth & space .
  • Research highlights include:
    • Studies on protecting retinal cells from
    • Using magnetic fields to assemble bacteria in
    • Examining radiation effects on mouse cells
    • Identifying new strains of bacteria on the ISS
    • Assessing reproductive effects in fruit flies after
    • Measuring increased red blood cell destruction and anemia during spaceflight
    • Detecting changes in biomarkers of brain health after extended missions
  • In total, over 3600 publications have been linked to ISS research since 1998. Recent growth has been in open access journals and high impact journals.
  • ISS publications are having greater scientific influence based on citations.
  • Research results are linked to benefits for , scientific knowledge, and applications on Earth.


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