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Japanese Space Industry Size 2019

In 2021, the Society Of Japanese Aerospace Companies published “Japanese Annual Survey Report Fiscal Year 2019 Results”. The report provides details regarding the overall size and composition of the Japanese space industry. The space industry size for 2019 was determined to be ¥328.5 billion. Additional highlights are provided below.

The Japanese Space Industry is a subsector of the overall Japanese (see this article Space Economy Taxonomy – Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies).

The Japanese space industry market segments are:

  • Space Vehicles
      • System Bus Equipment
      • Mission Equipment
      • Tracking and Data Relays
    • Vehicles
      • Solid
      • Liquid Propellant Rockets
      • Launching Services and Expenditure
    • HTV ('s autonomous cargo vehicle used for supplying )
    • Modules
  • Ground Facilities
    • Development Test Devices
    • Launching Devices
    • Satellite Tracking Devices
    • Communications and Broadcasting Satellite Equipment
    • Satellite Data Handling Equipment
    • Satellite Navigation Equipment
    • Ground Experimental Devices
    • Other Ground Equipment
  • Software
    • Software Development
    • Data Processing and Analysis
by segment


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