India’s Policies for Fostering Growth in the Space Economy


India has taken significant steps to fortify its space industry through the formulation and implementation of multiple policies. The Indian Space Policy 2023 serves as a comprehensive framework designed to catalyze greater involvement from the private sector in the space arena, fortify space capabilities, and leverage space technology for advancements in allied fields. This policy additionally offers regulatory clarity, building on the reforms in the space sector that were announced in 2020.

Role of IN-SPACe

The Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe) serves as a notable government entity in this context. Its role is to collaborate with private entities, which include but are not limited to, startups in the space technology sector. IN-SPACe functions as the single-point agency responsible for fostering growth in the space domain and provides technical infrastructure to Non-Government Entities (NGEs) to facilitate their contributions to the space sector.

Budgetary Allocations and Public-Owned Entities

Moreover, the Indian government has enhanced the budget allocations for its Department of Space. This financial bolstering is expected to invigorate the Indian space industry and provide an impetus to the private sector’s involvement. Alongside this, the government has inaugurated various public-owned entities, one of which is NewSpace India Limited (NSIL). NSIL’s role is important in fostering private sector participation across a spectrum of high-technology fields, including space.

Public and Private Collaboration

The synergy between public and private sectors is evident through these policies. By providing a conducive policy environment and requisite infrastructure, the government aims to pave the way for meaningful contributions from the private sector. This collaborative approach is a strategic move to harness the collective capabilities of both the public and private sectors for the advancement of the space industry.


India’s current policies that are designed to bolster the space industry consist of multiple elements. These include the Indian Space Policy 2023, the pivotal role played by IN-SPACe, increased budgetary allocations for the Department of Space, and the inauguration of public-owned government entities like NSIL. Together, these elements strive to provide a favorable environment for the holistic growth and development of India’s space industry.

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